3 beeps memory isue and no boot

would installing a 2gb 800mhz dimm with a 1066 dimm cause the dreaded 3 beeps and no boot issue?

would installing a brand new dimm fix this?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Could it be a problem. Uninstall the 2GB 800MHz, install only the 1066MHz try to boot and see what happen.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the welcome and the steer.

    I tried that unfortunately also is different slots.

    Would getting new dimm work?

    I am wondering why old dimm wont work on its own as was fine before.

    There was a brief smell of burning but I installed a new graphics card aswell and I just thought that was the heat paste stuff burning in.

    Graphics card is working fine (although no display due to 3 beeps error) as fan spinning and 6pin plugs correctly installed.

    Do you think this will mean the new dimm fried the memory section on the mobo and that I will need a new board, or would I get away with just a new dimm?

    Also, would old original previously working dimm be ok in new board or would that stick have been fried by the new dimm?

    I guess I am hoping that it either fried the mobo only or the other dimm only but need to know which one as dont want to have to replace both?

    What do you think is best way forward?
  3. Please provide a link to full specs for both memory sticks.
    Try each stick alone in each dimm socket and report the results.
    Please inspect the memory sticks, graphics card, and their respective mobo slots and report if there are any burn marks or if you can still smell it on one part. Then inspect the remainder of the mobo for any signs of electrical issues - such as burn marks or bulging capacitors.
  4. Post the links or full specs of ur RAM and the mobo that u have.
  5. When you smell something when working with parts at start up is a sign of failure. So I would start looking for burn marks and any burnt out components such as mosfets. Check the card its self first the if that looks ok start looking around the pci-e slot then move on up to the cpu and ram power stages near the socket as well dim slots. If it is on the board the board is toast you will have no choice but to buy a new one. You can buy another copy and do a swap with out having to wipe the hard drive or install any new drivers except for you new card.

    Those who only read one line never get any thing fixed.
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