XFX Black Edition 260 GTX 216 Core 65nm

Hello all, I have had this card for a few months now and I love the quality for the price ($80) but I was wondering how far I could take it Overclocking.

It comes stock with settings at 1.049mV voltage, 666mhz/1404mhz Core/Shader, 1050mhz GDDR3 Mem clock

I have perused various forums through Google and have come to certain conclusions & confusions. The mV of my card seems quite low for a 260 gtx especially when people are recommending max volts at 1.18 or so but I have heard that higher voltage doesn't necessarily equate to better possible OC's and may hinder due to current leakage I'm assuming. Also people seem a little all over the place between recommendations between the 55nm and 65nm versions of the 260 gtx.

Also is there a way to change Memory voltages, is that recommended? I have noticed messing around with memory towards the 1250 mark gets unstable. How much more of an OC do you think is possible with mem volt changes because I'm a little more weary on that front.

I'm not new to OC'ing but I haven't done OC'ing in the pre 5000 HD Series too much so I'm not quite sure the limits of older tech.

Any advice is appreciated!
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  1. Try to increase the core clock by small increments of 10-20mhz then do the same for the memory clock, if you are not able to OC at all then you will need to adjust the core voltage by very small increments because you don't want to damage a nice 260:P

    No I would'nt try to change memory voltage I think its better to get a nice OC without changing voltages but again if you can't OC then just put up the core by little increments. Also take to note increases in heat when increasing the core voltage.:)
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