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i just built this PC last night and i installed the drivers from the disk. it installed those drivers fine, and everythign was working. i saw there was an update (9.11) so i downloaded and installed. before that i uninstalled my 9.8b drivers. during installation the screen goes black, and everything goes off the screen. well the icons and stuff are off the screen so i cant really see them. 1920x1080 is the resolution im on. my monitor is an Acer H213H. i put the disk back in for the 9.8b drivers and now it wont install.. i tried installing 9.10, it said it installed but i cant find anywhere to open catalyst...

help anyone? :( im thinking its the 9.11 drivers.. keep in mind ive downloaded them off 2 diff sites. once from XFX site, twice from ATI
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  1. The old drivers are probably still in the system. Try using driver sweeper (but don't remove chipset drivers). If you installed only the driver, CCC will not appear (you must get the full set). Be sure to completely uninstall the original drivers.
  2. k ill try driver sweeper.. but the link isnt working on the guru3d website :(

    nvm its working, ima try it right now brb. ty

    edit - is this only for nvidia cards? since i dont see an ATI- Chipset
    all i see is
    ATI- Display

  3. agh i did the drive sweeper, installed 9.11 again and its the same exact thing :(
  4. Try using Driver sweeper in safe mode. You can remove all the ATI-display drivers and windows on next boot will use its basic display drivers so you can still use your monitor to install the proper drivers.

    The sceen going black as resolutions change is normal. The way you describe your icons going off the screen, though, tells me that it was loading a resolution that your monitor wasn't auto adjusting to. You don't need CCC to change your screen resolutions, as just having the driver installed will allow the windows properties (right-click on empty desktop) to utilize the cards available drivers. CCC is not an essential program to using a card, just nice to have for certain custom settings, like forcing AA in titles that don't support it, or for Overclocking settings.

    I used to have a problem with my monitor going black during resolution changes for a really long time, like 5-10 seconds. That was resolved when windows finally found a driver set for my Monitor a few months ago (through windows update page). Until then I didn't think a monitor needed drivers. Also, before I got those drivers, I had to manually press the auto adjust button to force smaller/different ratio resolutions to fit to screen, and now it does it on its own. My monitor is a BenQ, not an acer, so I can't claim for sure that this is your porblem, but just something to be aware of, as a possible source of your issues.
  5. well im back to the 9.8b drivers. i will however install my monitor drivers because that might fix a couple other things. thanks!
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