HD making noise and slow

HD making noise and slow

My HD started to make noise and he also become slow, do you know that noise that most of the HDs make when they are copying date? he's making this noise everytime, probably this noise is even worse

HDTune Test:


is my HD broken? should I test something? Thanks
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  1. This sounds the same as my old Maxtor HDD before it went. It started making funny noises and became slow up until a point where is stopped functioning.

    I would say your HDD is on its way out.
  2. Hi Kuja,

    download and install Hard Disk Sentinel:
    it is a very easy understanding diagnostic program for HDD's.
    It will tell you if there's wrong with your HDD.
  3. Sorry for the long time to reply

    I tried doing the test with hard disk sentinel, he's say that my HD is fine, the same with the Seatools, I really don't get what is going on, one day I was using my computer again, he was very slow and with that noise was always, but then it stopped, without I doing anything, and he was working fine for a week without any problem... and suddenly the problem started again
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