Why not choose a Phenom II 945 95w over a 955/965?

Curious question that I don't see posted here or anywhere else on other websites. Right now the most popular AMD Phenom II CPUs are the 955 and 965 BEs and with good reason. However, what about the 945 95w? I know it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier but the architecture should be the same and the processor itself should be more energy efficient. Plus, all of the processors use the C3 stepping for better overclockability so there is no reason the 945 couldn't be pushed to OC'd 955/965 levels right? Why isn't this a more popular option?
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  1. Good question, and I completely agree. With a tight budget, I would probably go for an Athlon X4, but If I could pick a Phenom, the 945 looks like great value.
  2. I don't think the 945 is on the C3 stepping yet, I think it's still only 955/965. The 945 won't be any more energy efficient either, it's a 95W part because clock speed and stock voltage are lower, you could downclock a 955/965 and get the same results as they are all deneb core processors.

    BE chips are just easier to overclock, yes the 945 should overclock similar, but it's a more complicated overclock, also relying more on the quality of the board.
  3. Actually, I think the 945 is now a C3 stepping processor according to the "M" in the model number:


    I see what you mean though. Since the multiplier is locked you must overclock via the FSB and thus rely on the quality of the board. However, if you were to have either the 790XTA-UD4 or 790FTXA-UD5 Gigabyte boards, do you guys think it would still be that difficult to overclock?
  4. They have what appears to be 3 different steppings available.
    At 150.00 though, theres no reason to chance it, when the 955's are confirmed c3's at
    15900 dollars.
  5. True true, I was just wondering why it wasn't a more popular processor choice.
  6. Because there 955/965 are so close in price to it is the main reason as somebody stated above me. The BE on top of it makes it hard NOT to get 955 to be honest.
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