Overclocking e6600 with setfsb only works sometimes need help

I overclocked my e6600 2.4ghz to around 3ghz to play skyrim it was working perfect at all high settings but it crashed and when i rebooted I can overclock but the game doesnt run smooth and i haveto have my pcc off for a long time to get it to run smooth again. I realize this is probably overheating but my cpu doesnt get hot at all max 50c but I have to oc my ram to oc my cpu in setfsb so I was thinking maybe this is the problem? btw I cant oc in bios because I have locked board.
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  1. OK. Your motherboard has a locked BIOS. Can you go into the BIOS and select a 333 MHz FSB?

    That worked on my ECS motherboard (hey, it was free) with a locked BIOS. My 2.4 GHz E6600 has been running happily at 3.0 GHz for more than three years.
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