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Will this motherboard work well with this CPU and this RAM? Someone mentioned that I may need to slightly overclock the processor and manually set the RAM's speed in the BIOS (although that was for a slightly different motherboard).

Specifically, he said:

Yes. You just may have to set the specs manually in the BIOS. It's likely the CPU will have to have a very slight overclock to run the sticks at the correct settings.

How do I go around doing this, and are they compatible?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yes it will work fine and you won't need to overclock the processor,but you "May" need to set your RAM's settings such as timings,voltages,speed manually in the BIOS
  2. Okay, and is there a guide to doing this? Or should it be obvious by looking at the specifications of the RAM to what I will need to change?
  3. For setting the RAM's config,you need to know the RAM's voltage/speed and timings(look in the manufacturer's site)and then go to the BIOS,and you can set the RAM configs there.
    This thread has some useful links for setting memory timings,voltages,speed
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