Hd 5850 problem

amd phenom II x4 920
biostar ta790gxb a2+
sapphire hd 5850
4gb ddr2 1066
bfg 550w psu
windows 7 64 bit

Something in my computer is not working and causing what i would think of a bottleneck. I can see all the benchmarks that show the video card should get really good frame rates at 2560-1600, when i play at 1440-900 my frames are worse in nearly all games(cod5 and 6, left 4 dead, farcry, fallout 3, crysis) My shadows are weird, when i turn to one side shadows will appear on the other side of me, but when i turn back, they like slide away, i get bad ghosting and smoke comes in something like waves? it is not the video card because i bought it to replace a gtx 260 that was doing the same thing. i would like to know what is causing this problem.
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  1. At that resolution, you are most likely bottlenecking your CPU. I recommend increasing your screen resolution to see what effects it has on your issues.

    Also check your temps on your GPU, they might be running hot which can cause some of those issues, as well.
  2. my temps are perfect in my haf 932. if i try on a different monitor, what resolutions should i look for?
  3. If you can, run at 1920x1200 or at least 1920x1080 to see what happens.
  4. This may be a weird question, but what do you think i should expect out of this card because i dont know if i am looking at this situation wrong. my frame rate in games are lower then i would expect. they are all at 1440-900

    counter strike- 278.56
    crysis-very high- no aa or af- around 20
    world in conflict- very high- 48
    call of duty 5- 50-60 but drops down to 20 at times were large amounts of bodys
    stalker clear sky- 30ish- high-direct x 10

    I get a lot of hiccups and jumps in game play
  5. What drivers are you useing ? I have a HD 5850 and in crysis DX10 very high no AA no AF 40-30 FPS @ 1680x1050
    CODWAW 4X AA 80-90
    Batman AA i dont know kids play it but on the benchmark 59 FPS

    I have the sapphire also
  6. i just got the catalyst 9.11, i did reinstall my drivers correctly because it was a new install of windows.
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