Overclocking my 5770

So my XFX 5770 is beginning to really show its age. Just got BF3, and though it runs kind of nicely on lower settings, I'd like to be able to record video (I'm recording to an independent internal drive).

So what would you all suggest for getting a little more performance out of it? I'm all set to buy a new card, but I want this one to last me as long as possible. I'm ready to do some serious business overclocking, if that would improve BF3 performance and/or possibly some modding. Any BIOS other than the stock that could help? I've already flashed to newest XFX BIOS.

Basically I want any suggestions as to what I can do to pump out max performance from this card. I've got a 2500k so I know that the 5770 is my bottleneck.
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  1. Well I usually get about 45 fps not recording and drop to 30 or so with recording right now. 1440x900

    Also, budget is $10 lol

    Edit: By budget did you mean new card budget? I don't really care to buy a new card right now, if anything my budget is for anything related to modding my card, possibly.
  2. Yeah, I'm actually booting off an SSD which also has BF3 on it and recording to an independent drive.
  3. for overclocking i use evga precision and it works great. how ever, to get the most out of your over clock, i find its best to figure out the OC yourself since it sometimes varies from system to system. what i usually do is open fraps just for the FPS counter and simply do the guess and check method. start with core and shader clock (witch are the same) and once you found the highest speed, start adjusting the memory clocks. while doing this, you should expect you game to crash or have artifacts. that's because the clocks are to high, so just lower them. once you found you magic numbers save your profile so you can easily overclock again. remember to un-overclock after your done playing because it will just do unneeded stress to your card. after overclocking my 5770, i got about 7-10 more fps.
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