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So I want a solid gaming graphics platform. And I hate the selection of overpriced and "outdated" 4870/4890's. ANd the 5000's are out of my budget. I want to stick w/ ATI cause I've got an AMD CPU, and chipset. So the only solution that I have been able to find that looks pretty cool is two 4770's or two 5750/70's. I'm leaning for the 4770's cause they're cheaper and I don't have big money, and I dont play DX11 games so tht's not a factor. THese are the 2 cards I'm looking at... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=Property&N=2010380048%20106792627&StoreType=-1&CompareItemList=N82E16814125298,N82E16814150369&PropertyCodeValue=679:47628,679:44946,679:40677&bop=And . So I think I should go w/ the Gigabyte cause it's got a gig per card, and it's cheaper. But I like the XFX cooling solution. Also, I can't X-fire any cards that require 2X6/8 pins power connectors. My PSU only has 2 6 pins. So that's why I like the 2 4770's idea cause it give me power and energy efficiency. ALso, Im using an AMD 790GX chipset. This means one 16x PCIe and an 8x PCIe. Is that 8x lane going to constrain the second 4770 a little bit?
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  1. wow this site is soooo helpful >.>
  2. no the x8 wont be a problem and get the newer cards or a single 4890 it would be a better deal

  3. I would just get an HD5770 for now and xfire later if you find it necessary
  4. Tom did a nice article on crossfire 4770's. Its neck and neck with the 4890. Then he runs some tests where it competes well with a GTX 280. Thing is the price of 4890's right now are about 200 at newegg and 110 for the 4770. I have one 4770 myself and MAY upgrade someday. But if your going to buy both now or a 200 4890 it would probably make more sense to go th single card route. The 5770 is not as powerful as a 4890. Look at the benchies for the 4770's , maybe there is a compelling reason in the numbers for one way or the other.
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