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So I am trying to overclock my E8400. I managed to get it pretty stable on large ffts, but it blend seems to crash it. Any ideas why that would be happening? Is there possibly an issue with the RAM or communication with the RAM?

I have it set to 400 FSB @ 3.6Ghz. The large ffts weren't stable until I upped the voltage on the Northbridge by .2. The Vcore is set to 1.25 because my board suffers from some vdroop issues and CPU-Z reads it as 1.184 when set to 1.25.

One question I do have is how hot is going to be bad for my Northbridge? According to Speedfan it ranged from 44-47 (it is temp 2 in the picture I believe). Is that anything to be worried about? The RAM is set to 800 for a 1:1 ratio.

Does it matter if it is stable for the blend? Mostly I just decided to try and get a decent overclock for GW2 beta tomorrow, since my PC is getting on the old side these days.

Any suggestions on what I could do to get it more stable for the blend if that is something I should pursue? I only have .2 on the NB and .2 on the RAM. All the rest are default.

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  1. Nevermind. I think I have it under control. I dropped the FSB back down to default and just upped the vcore 1 notch and everything seems stable so far. Going to let it run overnight.
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