HTPC/ Low end Gaming PC under $500

Well I'm a very novice builder but want to get rid of my DVR and watch and record TV using a new HTPC build. I've never built a pc before but assume it can't be too hard with the amount of resources out there. What I'm looking for is someone to recommend the best build for my meager budget.

My main requirements are as followed
1. Windows 7 64bit Friendly
2. 4gb Ram Minimum
3. Be capable of playing Modern War fare 2
4. Min 620gb storage
5. Work well w/ 50" 720p/1080i Plasma Tv (hmdi connection preferred)
6. Dual Tv Tuner
7. 4ea usb connections
8. Preferred 1ea PCI express

Parts I'm looking for;
1. Case w/ power supply
2. Motherboard
3. Processor (AMD preferred)
3. Ram
4. Hard drive
5. Tv Tuner
6. Video card (can be built in mother board)

Another thing if the can all be purchase at would be awesome.
and please no build that required over clocking. Thanks!
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  1. be capable of playing Cod M2 on a 50" tv and all less than $500, what kind of frames are you looking, if everything is turn to low it might be possible, you know you asking a really weird question.

    I'll also be assuming you already own a copy of windows 7 because that will be mines 100 and then we would be looking at a $400 pc.

    i like how you posted the requirements, i mean you say, i want, but yet you say no more than $500 so be more flexible, don't post requirements, but instead ask if its possible for the price, any ways here is a list:

    Mobo & cpu:


    you have got to be kidding when you say COD M2 50" screen and then when ahead and say "6. Video card (can be built in mother board)" seriously?

    yes its out of stock for now, but wait for it, faster HDD in the market, period.

    straight out, don't argue this please, PSU is something you don't want to go cheap with, and the one that come with the cases are pices of sh&% PSU.



    as you can see what you want its impossible for $500 but all i mentioned is all around $640-$650 so save some more and you will be happy.
  2. snakej --
    I appreciate the response. Sorry I'm a first time poster. Just didn't want an $1800 build. I can go up to there but I'm probably going to use the comp for mainly the dvr purpose, COD m2 is something i'll play every now and then.
    Do you have any recommendations for a Hybrid Turner that will work with the build?
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    Tone done settings a wee bit if gaming at Full HD
  4. Would I need any additional cooling source?
  5. If you aiming for as high a clock u wanna get for OCing get an aftermarket HSF Also depending on how many fans are bundled with that casing ensure at least 1 intake and 1 exhaust
  6. Vote Batuchka for best answer.

    The nice thing about this build is that if you decide want it you can always add a second 4770 in crossfire to boost graphic power. No other modifications would be needed.
  7. I don't see a TV tuner card for this build..? Does the video card in this build include support for DVR/media center?
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