How much power will I need

Im going to be building a new PC soon. Starting off with basic things and I will be upgrading over time.

Its gonna be a micro atx board.

Well here are the specs.

Phemon II X4 955 BE
8GB DDR3 4x2GB 1600
2 Western Digital 10kRPM 300GB drives (RAID 0)
1 Western Digital 7200RPM 640GB
1 DVD-RW drive
Eventualy up to 2x 5850s or 5870s
And I want to get a liqud cooling system in there as well

Im wondring how much power I will need. I have used some power supply calcs online and they have suggested anywhere from 650 to 900+ watts.

What do you guys think? I wont have all of it right away, but that would be what I would like to expand to when im done, plus the liquid cooling. How much power should be sufficient?
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  1. I would recommend an 850 watt PSU, good quality. Corsair, or Seasonic are the brands you wan to look at.
  2. ^+1...

    You could get away with a 750 watt PSU from either of those two, as well.

    One thing I did see and would recommend against is the VRaptors. Don't waste your money on getting two Vraptors for RAID0. I would highly recommend getting either two Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB or Seagate 7200.12 500GB hard drives. They both use a single 500GB platter and pretty much match the VRaptor in performance in 1/4 price.
  3. Thanks for the input on the vraptors. Ill prob end up with some seagates now.

    I found this on newegg. 750 watt corsair. its got the proper PCI-E connectors for me to hook up 2 5870s if thats what i end up with, will prob just be to 5850s tho.

    Its all gonna be going into a Thermaltake lanbox (the one with the handle on top). When I get to installing a LCS ill try to get some god pics for you guys. I hear its hard to do but im up to the challenge.


    Thanks guys
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