Can't get stable with 16gb ram

I'm having trouble getting my system stable with 16gb... even without overclocking. But, with 8gb, I can get the system stable with going 1200mhz for the ram (opposed to the stock 1333mhz) with a baseclock of 200.

I'm wondering what's worth doing.

I have 4 sticks of 4gb 1333 ram. I can't get all 4 stable. Do I even need 16b of ram? I do a LOT of Photoshop and Cinema 4d professionally.

also, I am sort of wondering if it's because I'm running a raid that it's difficult to overclock the ram - does the ram and raid controller both get powered through the IMC voltage setting?

my system specs:

Asus P7P55D-E
4x4gb (ocz3rpr1333c9lv8gk)
evga core216 gtx 260
600w ocz modxstream psu
4 500gb drives in raid 0
500gb & 320 Gb backup drives.
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  1. RAID won't effect your memory, the components aren't even on the same controller.

    Your memory appears to be a pair of dual channel kits. You may get stability problems if the modules are mismatched (module from Kit A paired with one from Kit B). Kits are specially selected for maximum stability working together, since the computer is going to treat them like one unit (more or less).

    It's a fairly long shot, but have you tried swapping one of the modules from channel 1 into channel 2, and vice versa?
  2. Yeah, they are 2 dual kits. I don't have them mismatched (as far as two stick from each kit in one channel). I have tried swapping, but it provided same results. I'm pretty sure the ram is okay after doing memtest with each kit and finding 0 problems.

    Let's say I could get it stable at stock settings with the 16gb at 133blck, but can't with a 200blck. (I already know I can get stable at 200block with 8gbram)

    What would benefit me better? stock settings with 16gb or overlocked with 8gb?
  3. If you're just gaming and doing standard multitasking, 8GB is more than enough. I tax my system pretty hard, but even with 50+ tabs open in Firefox, a game running, Visual Studio idling in the background and my wife streaming HD movies from the computer, I top out at around 5-6GB used.
  4. Okay, well, I guess that's pretty much good enough for me. I'm somewhat like you. I have probably 200 tabs in firefox (I use bartab and tabgroups manager to organize and keep them unloaded) because for some reason I hate bookmarking. I have utorrent running most the time. and Cinema 4d and photoshop open at all times working on various projects. But, I've never really monitored my usage... just figured I would buy more ram than I needed and not worry about it.

    I never really knew my system was unstable until I started to overclock. My system never crashes or anything, but according to intelburntest and memtest, I'm not stable with 16gb ram. The perfectionist in me wants to be stable and it kind of pisses me off to take out the extra 8gb of ram, but if running a faster baseclock speeds up my C4D renders, then it would definitely be worth it.

    I'm not much of an expert to know if I'm really benefiting from the overclock. I just want to save precious time when I'm doing a quick render to test a new light setup or what not.

    But, thanks for the help. I think I'll leave the 8gb out and see if I really notice a difference.
  5. Video and image editing are actually areas where more memory is going to get you better performance. I'd recommend going 16GB stock in that case. Higher memory speed has a pretty small effect above DDR3-1600 anyway.
  6. Ack! Well that makes my life a little more difficult.... maybe I'll just spend $90 on getting a 4x4gb kit since I've tried everything I know to do (and asked about on OCZ forum) to try to get it stable.
  7. To monitor your memory usage I would recommend using a program called process explorer then go into view -> system information then click on the memory tab your usage will be listed in KB's under a section called Commit Charge look at the Peak number and that is what you actually use between VM and System Memory most memory monitoring programs only show physical memory usage and that is highly inaccurate for actual usage especially in Vista and 7 as the OS will push more into VM the closer it gets to your limit. So willard's 5-6GB is likely closer to 8GB of usage.

    To know how much you use just regularly use your computer and once you are done after closing your programs run Process explorer (as to not push the peak higher) and check that number to see where it is. Aim for memory that is a bit higher than that.

    On the memory speed issue not having enough memory is going to more harmful than having slow memory. No matter how "slow" the memory is going even DDR3 1066 would be faster than an SSD or even a HDD being used for VM. There isn't a drive out there that is faster than the slowest DDR3 sticks.

    EDIT: link to process explorer ->
  8. Okay followed your instructions. been working in Cinema 4d all evening, closed the programs ran process explorer. My peak number is 16,454,128.... so it sounds like I'd definitely benefit from having the 16gb of ram?
  9. Holly cow you could benefit from even more than that. Your peak is just under 16GB you could likely benefit from 24GB(8x2 + 4x2) if you could get a set of 2x8GB sticks to work with one of your 2x4GB kits.

    NOTE: Win 7 Pro, Ultimate, or Enterprise is required to access more than 16GB of memory.
  10. could there be an explanation for why I'm using so much ram? I've read articles on toms hardware about how the benefits of more than 8gb of ram are minimal at best.

    Sometimes I over model things in C4D - maybe I just need to start paying better attention to poly count. Especially since I've been getting more and more into video.
  11. Well understand most of those articles are about Videogames and normal PC usage which doesn't benefit much if at all from extra memory, the average user and gamer wouldn't benefit much if at all from more than 8GB of memory, but that doesn't cover everyone. Obviously you are a heavy user that would benefit form a LOT of memory. Most content creation programs are likely to be heavy memory users. Especially if you like to run multiple programs at once.
  12. Well, I'll be getting a new computer in a couple months for my new office space, so I'll definitely get a little more ram than I was planning on - should be easy to budget it in. Thanks for pointing me to Process explorer and answering my questions!
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