2 places to change to AHCI

Here is my build (newbe) [...] r=21503687

I plan on using the ssd for Windows7 Professional only. I have a 1 terabyte drive for everything else including programs
In the Bios under the "Integrated Peripherals"I have

OnChip SATA Type [Native IDE] From what I understand I should change that to AHCI Correct?

Further down i also have

eSATA Ctrl Mode [IDE] should I change this to AHCI also?

And also I have 6 SATA3 connectors on the motherboard.
Does it make a difference which i plug the SSD or my data hard drive into. Or are the 6 connectors equal?

Thank you,
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    All my last 5 builds have been Intel.

    For amd:
    1. Set Sata to AHCI. no effect from esata so use what is need based on external usage (drive)
    2. Make sure do NOT connect the HDD, just connect your SSD while installing wind 7.
    Connect the HDD after you have installed win 7 on your SSD.

    Here's the part I cannot help, is which driver you need to use, the default msahci or an AMD sata ahci driver - I assume they have finally got their driver fixed. I know that the Intel iaSTor SSD performance is better than msahci.

    This is me, personnally. For about $40 more I'd go with a I5-2500k (About $40 more) and an equivalant priced Z68 MB.

    LET me Emphasis this is not about which CPU is better as your choice is an excellent CPU.
    It's all about what makes up the rest of the computer. (1) AMD is coming up short in support area and the speed of getting out updates is nowhere near that of Intel (ie getting a Driver working that provides optimum SSD performance). (2) Think about this, if you were a developer and had to choice where to concentrate efforts - would you opt for a system that is used by 20% or one that is used by 70% - This only applies if there will be a difference in performance and occasionally that does happen.

    If you are set on the AMD, then get it – you will enjoy
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