Asus eah 4870 DK 1g

i'm building new pc .got 4870 dk and big problem coz they sell me it in standard with one cabel 6 pin
i have power without pci-e so get another cabel 6 pin
still don work
what to do
buy diferent power suply with org pci-e cable. help please
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  1. what power supply i need to run Asus eah 4870 DK 1g
  2. What power supply do you run? how much Wattage? and witch brand
  3. A good 500 or 550W PSU, like the corsair 550VX would be a good choice, it will run any single GPU easily.
  4. Yes thats right.. Im running a 560w PSU With my Asus EAH 4870 1GB runs great (: its so many power supplys you can chooose allmost all have a PCI-E 6 pin. but i would recomend Corsair awesume quality!
  5. And yes its worth going for a quality PSU is the 50$ extra is really worth it!
  6. another great PSU that im running is the Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU. its very quiet, cool, and energy efficient at a very reasonable price
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