Lower RAM voltage than recommended?

Due to space constraints limiting (air) cooling options in my case, I overclocked my rig with the lowest possible voltages to maximize processor speed while minimizing heat. (See sig for settings)

Anyway, I bumped my Patriot sector 5 RAM up to 1343 and loosened the timings to 9-9-9-24 per Patriots recommended specs.

Well almost. I never bumped the voltage. Patriot recommends 1.65 volts, but I left it at 1.5 volts.

I have ran memtest with multiple passes and been using these settings for a couple months with no problems. (That I know of)

If there was a problem with this lower-than-spec voltage, what type of symptoms should I look out for?

I don't want to bump voltage if I don't need to, but I'm not sure how to be "sure" a voltage bump isn't needed.

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  1. Question: Is your memory rated at 1333 or 1600?
    I've ran into this, where I can run my 1600 ram @ 1333 at 1.5v with no problems. That may be because it is rated at 1.65v but at 1600. Either way, I exchanged it for some 1600@1.5v so I do not have to worry about the issue any more.

    Edit: If it passes memtest and a few hours of prime95 I would think you can take that as a good sign. If it works with the 1.5v, you will not be doing any harm by running it that way.
  2. It comes "out of the box" at 1066 with 777 20 timing @ 1.5v. However it's rated for 1333 with 999 24 timing and 1.65v.

    I can bump up the voltage if needed, but I'm not sure how to "know" it's needed.
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