What should I upgrade with $200

My specs are listen right here. Below this text. I do alot of gaming, and photoshop, what should i upgrade for $200?
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  1. Graphics card would be my first choice :)
  2. I second the GPU upgrade (4850... for example) and would add a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB for a faster and bigger hard drive.
  3. Third the graphics card. Radeon 4890.

    Then down the road, the CPU and solid state drive when they come down in price. The 6GB of DDR2 will last you the longest.
  4. 5770 and after buy a new cpu in the future
  5. Newegg has a 5770 for $129.99 in today's email promos.
  6. I would say 4890 or 5770, but remember the 4890 is more powerful. Just depends on if you need the power of the more expensive 4890 or if you want to save money with the 5770 and upgrade other parts.
  7. Is the e5200 overclocked at all?
  8. Gpu :)
    You're gpu will give you a major performance increase in gaming.

    Maybe a 4xxx series? Or if you are a real gaming fanatic and want dx11 (only supported in vista and win7) you could buy a 5xxx series.

    HD5750 for 100 bucks
    HD5770 for 125 or so
    And then you still have money to upgrade something else?

    If you really want to go and max your budget, chose a HD5850 for 200 and a bit.

    Hope it helped :)
  9. bige420 said:
    Is the e5200 overclocked at all?

    No. I know it overclocks like a beast but......
    I am scared, like right now it runs at 38 at avarage, when gaming goes MAX 53.
    I got stock cooler. I heard that on stock 3ghz is pretty safe. But i am still scared.
  10. First of all i have a small 15" screen. I am so impressed bout that. It is flat screen tho lol. So games like bioshock 2 run wit no problem. I am gonna get a 19 or 20" in the summer.
    Also would the e5200 bottleneck the 5770?
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