Thermal Paste Quality?

I just bought a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo for my soon i5-3570k. I know that it comes with thermal paste, but I keep hearing about Arctic Silver.

Should I use the CoolerMaster paste or is Arctic Silver actually better?
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  1. Arctic Silver 5 is extremely high quality but unless you're overclocking like mad it's little more than a flashy investment. CoolerMaster ships their heatsinks with some halfway decent thermal compound. If you don't mind spending an extra 7-10 bucks, go for it.

    However, Arctic Silver 5 is a capacitive compound and should only be used on CPUs with a large surface area and no exposed contacts. For GPUs, RAM, Chipsets, etc... use a ceramic compound such as Arctic Silver Ceramique 2
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    The Coolermaster paste is fine. Arctic Silver is very good but it's old and in recent years it's no longer the best of the best. It also has the disadvantage of having a 200 hour cure time before it reaches maximum effectivness.

    I use IC Diamond myself but it's very thick and can actually polish the writing off of a CPU and that will void the warranty. Great paste if you know what you are doing though.
  3. Cooler master stock thermal paste performs very well. At least compared to AS5, where as AS5 has a very long cure time AND it costs $10. Also, the cooler master paste has great performance.
  4. I use both the mx and silver 5 and noctua paste so far all are good. nothing so spit fire against, unless I go and use those stock stuff from intel. also got that trash paste from thermaltake
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