Is a third monitor worth it?

I've currently got 2 Asus 21.5'' monitors hooked up to my computer and I'm thinking about adding a third. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with three vs. two monitors and is it worth it? I'm running two 4850s in crossfire and so I have enough DVI to plug in a third. I just wonder if its worth the money and desk space.
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  1. Well, how many applications do you currently run on your computer? If its a multiple of 3 then i guess you could. Do you find yourself constantly switching between important tabs? Do you think you can do the stuff you do faster by having the info on another screen?

    Regardless of your answer let me pitch this one idea to you. If you do get a third monitor, try to get one that has a DisplayPort input. It is inevitable in the future you will get a new graphics card, consider ATI's Eyefinity. You will be able to game across all three of your screens!
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    Well it depends on what you are using your computers for. If you're trying like me and often do coding, web development, media work, or even multitasking, extra screens can pay off. While three monitors may give you the ultimate bragging rights, in my experience it's hard to justify the extra 200 dollars you spent if you're just using it to store sticky notes or a web page.

    Bottom line: if you really need it get it; if you just want it forget it.
  3. If you find at any time at all you would save time by turning your head instead of clicking through some stuff then yes. I like to watch videos while playing games (WoW lots of free time to watch) and I could REALLY use another monitor.
  4. ;)
    I currently have 4 monitors - soon to expand to 6.
    Been working w/ 3 for years -
    now mounted the 4th above the one on the left - works perfect for all the little gadget *** and other "crap" that I tend to run.
    Picking up 2 more and one 1 above each current one.
    *** for the price of them these days - why not.
  5. What about productivity increases with three. Was having a central monitor any better? Did you just end up filling up the third monitor and wanting a fourth only to be left with the same problem?
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