Looking for a Matrox Dual DVI Low Profile card

I run G450 quad cards in my desktops and would like to stay within Matrox and hopefully within the same chipset so that I can use the same 32/64-bit drivers on both the low profile dual and the G450 Quads. Do you guys/gals know of or can you reccomend a decent Matrox low profile card with dual DVI out (or one LFH-60 to dual DVI)?

Must be low profile and must be DVI. Thx.
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  1. I really wouldn't use Matrox anymore. ATi FirePro and Nvidia Quadro cards are far superior.
  2. lauxenburg said:
    I really wouldn't use Matrox anymore. ATi FirePro and Nvidia Quadro cards are far superior.

  3. laux, No, they aren't! Both ATi and nV have crap multi-monitor support in comparison.

    If you're not gaming and you're doing primarily 2D they are fine cards, and I use one here at work in my laptop.

    Main thing winston, is what is the available slot you are using? PCIe or PCI?

    PCIe 1X;

    for PCIe 16X you cuold even move to dual DP, which would be a nice solution.

    But if you want to stay with a G series based solution there are PCI G550 ones, which is what I have in the laptop;



  4. ^^ ya I was also thinking of those Matrox M series cards. Those where just for 2D apps right?(P, M and G series)
  5. Those are GOOD cards for 2D work and is great for those who WORK with multy display setups which is a necessity in stock trading to office work. The G550 looks to just right for older low profile systems that do not have pci-e slots. Plus dumping another helps :) if there is room. XP can do mixed card setups as well Win 7.
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