Phenom2 X4 945 3,0Ghz VS. Phenom2 X3 720 2,8Ghz

what the title states, i already ordered Phenom2 X3 720 2,8Ghz black edition for which amounts to 130 dollars including shipping, but i just found a Phenom2 X4 945 3,0Ghz black edition that i can get shipped for free for 140 dollars. should i take the 945 instead? i have only gaming in mind.
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  1. Well games would run better on the 945 due to a slightly higher clock than the 720. Also the 945 is 4 core while the 720 is only 3.
  2. how about a phenom 2 x4 955 3,2ghz?
  3. I've never seen a 945 black edition before, thought the only 3.0Ghz black edition was the 940, you might want to double check that because the 940 can only be used on AM2+ boards with DDR2 memory.

    I wouldn't even consider the Phenom II X2, it'll win in a number of games due to higher clock speed, but a vast majority of new games show benefit to having more than 2 cores and in new games the X3 can pull ahead.
  4. Get the 945 x4 for sure.

    The 955 is good if you want to overclock easy or on a cheap mobo. If you know how to oc and have a solid mobo the 945 will work great (just make sure its not the 940 like they were sayin).
  5. I've got my X3 at 3.6ghz with 4 cores.

    this motherboard.

    So my vote goes to the X3
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