Driver needed for Ultra multi card reader

I am not sure if this is where to post. will also post in Win 7 catagory.
Mobo GA P55A-UD3P with Win 7 Pro
Cant get USB device-Ultra 22 in 1 card reader to initialize.
Any help would be appreciated. I contacted Ultra, they said it is a Win 7 driver issue.

Thanks Richard
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  1. Forgot to add Win Pro 7-64
  2. I presume its model ULT31803?
    Shouldn't need a driver (although I did notice that some places did not list Win 7 as a supported OS). Probably one of those dodgy pieces of electronics.

    I would confirm it detects on some other PC/OS's. It is doubtful you will get any actual support from Ultra, especially if that's the best answer they can give you (which is tantamount to saying bugger off)

    Check in the system BIOS under Integrated peripherals and turn off USB 3.0, make sure USB Controller is Enabled, as it should by default.

    USB Controllers [Enabled]
    USB Legacy Function [Enabled]
    USB Storage Function [Enabled]
    Onboard USB 3.0 Controller [Disabled] (which it is not by deafault)

    Not much help, sorry.
  3. I had ULTRA reader and I don't like it. It would create a drive entry in "my computer" and take a letter for every slot it had. Then, when you eject the card from any one slot, the whole collection would disappear until you reboot windows!!!

    It sucked. I found that I can go to K-Mart, spend 12 to 14 bucks and get a reader that looks like usb flash drive, and use it when needed, and where needed.

    Now, it shouldn't require a driver. Even in WinXP after SP2 the driver was present.

    Where you plugging it to, is what matters, I think. My ULTRA didn't come with proper USB cable, it came with usb cable type A, which is supposed to be for external device. That one was hard to plug wrongly. How about yours?
  4. Have not heard of this on 1156/1366 platforms, but likely worth a try: I have found on 775 boards, noteably ones based on the G31/G41, that some readers will not work on particular ports, but will work on others - try switching to a different header... Can't find out much - like PCIe (at $$6000 a pop), the USB implementers organization (with a side order of the actual documentation) is a $4000 'ding' in the wallet - yearly!
  5. Verified BIOS set up ok.
    Tried rear USB headers and they work,
    Front 2 headers dont work on this card reader, but everything else I use does work.
  6. Problem solved......Shut off computer, plug in card reader and restarted, Win 7 recognized reader.
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