AMD CPU Indecision for new build

Looking for some advice to finish my new build since it's about time I retire my circa 2001 PC with Shuttle Spacewalker AK31 DDR Socket A motherboard with Athlon XP1800+ CPU - the hamsters are on their last legs.

My indecision is which CPU. I'm not a gamer, but want to multitask without a big hit on performance - surf the web, email, some Office stuff, watch/record TV (SD today, possibly HD in future), download images/vids from camera, write DVDs, listen to music, some light .NET/Java/Javascript/Flex development. May dual-boot with Linux just to play around with it. Maybe have a VM instance with a small footprint. Eventually Blu-Ray when prices become affordable.

Most of the time I'll do 1 or 2 things but there will be the occasional time that I'll concurrently be recording TV, writing to DVD and surfing the Web.


CPU - Athlon II X2 245, X2 250, X3 435, X4 620 or Phenom II X2 550

Will use the stock cooler since I hadn't planned on OC-ing, but if I do I won't push it much. I'm on a budget, but am looking for something to last awhile (willing to upgrade CPU in a few yrs. if need be) From what I've read it doesn't seem like L3 Cache will give me much but I included the 550 because of its speed. I had initial decided on the 620, but wonder if a faster triple or dual core would be better based on my usage profile and lower costs.



The ExpressGate sounds interesting and I can avoid purchasing a GPU at this time.


Memory - One of the following 2 x 2GB kits because I can get a combo deal with CPU
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series (2 X 2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) F3-12800CLD-4GBRL
G.SKILL (2 X 2GB) DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) F3-10600CL8D-4GBHK

I realize that I'll have to step down memory to 1066 for the 245 or 250 and step down the Ripjaw to 1333 for the others.


OS - Windows 7 64-bit (Home Premium or Professional - Depends on whether I'll need HP mode or not) I may dual-boot with Linux


DVD - I'll pick-up a SATA on either on Newegg or retail.


I already have the following:
HDD - WD Caviar Black 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache Sata 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
PSU - OCZ Fatal1ty 550W ATX12V Modular Active PFC
Case - Antec Two Hundred ATX Mid Tower

Any other advice is welcomed & appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would look at $99 A2X4 620 and the one chip TH forgot in their latest best cpu roundup as per price range the $141 P2X4 925 if that is within your means DDR3 1333 CL 7 ftw There is a pair of Ripsaws that comes in a combo with almost all the chips discussed here hehe
  2. ^ If you want to multitask, then no doubt the X4 620...Only in some tasks, the absence of the L3 cache is noticable...but apart from that it is a very good option...
    Another very good combo,
    x3 720 + Gigabyte 790GX
    The stock can easily handle 3GHz-3.1GHz easy...
  3. Any thoughts on the X3 435? For alot of stuff that I'll be doing it looks like it beats the 620.

    Most of my multi-tasking is lightweight, am only doing a couple things at a time, and the more intense stuff (writing DVD, TV capture, etc.) will be done less frequently.

    I understand that more software will be written to take advantage of multiple cores, but I don't purchase much software.

  4. Best answer
    ^ Yes that x3 435 is also a very good option...
    and the reason why it beats the X4 is because of the clock speed advantage...You can also set the x4 620 to the same speed and you will notice that it would beat the X3 then...
    So I would say that the extra $10 is worth the additional core...
  5. I think I'll be going with the 620 and the Ripjaws and try to OC a bit.

    Thanks for the advice. These forums are a wealth of information!
  6. You are welcomed and happy building :P
  7. ^ That is nice...
    Also check the combo that I have is also a good deal...
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