Powercolor 4890 for $169? Yes or no?

I found a deal in Canada; Powercolor 4890 for $169. Is it worth getting, or should I spend more and get another brand?

Powercolor 4890
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  1. That's a decent deal. Go for it.
  2. Thanks, I'll get it.
  3. What's powercolor's warranty like?
  4. tuesday0180 said:
    What's powercolor's warranty like?

    3 year warranty. not the greatest. heatsync doesnt touch the memory chips at all. goes to 80c, but thats fine.card temp is 70 at load, 100 fan. for 169, this card is a steal. it competes well with my dads 275, just a little slower in some dx10 games.
  5. 3 years is average.
  6. Powercolor is a decent ATI videocard maker.
  7. Could u link us to the site manufacturer?
    That card is very HOT, so make sure it's have a good cooler on that...
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