My psu is top-mounted and I was thinking of drilling holes on the top of my case and flip my psu so the fan is sucking air into the case.
You guys think this is a good idea? Nway im using a heatsink which can only be face to blow air up to the psu or down to my gpu.
Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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  1. The psu won't suck air into the case, it will cycle it thru itself, a good way to keep the psu running cooler.
    But it may disrupt your airflow and be a cause of higher cpu temps since the psu's fan also acts as a system exhaust in it's current fan down configuration.
  2. I think your right but im also concerned bout the health of my psu sucking all the heat from the heatsink. I guess theres no helping it but to change heatsink or to change a bottom-mounted case. Which would you prefer if i wer you?
  3. Bad'll have POSU heated air being pushed on top of CPU heated air and nothing getting outta the case. If you have heat problems....

    1. Add an optional fans to case; most cases have some installed and some mounts for optional fans....if that doesn't help....
    2. Get bigger case

    Fans on front, side blow in / fans on top & rear blow out
  4. Which case do you have?
    Does the case have any case fans? If so, where are they located.
    What cpu heatsink are you using?

    When a power supply is located at the top rear of the case the psu fan should be on the bottom of the psu. It will help to cool the cpu. That was part of the original atx specifications developed by Intel. Intel was making new cpu's that were running hotter so they specified the power supply should be placed near the cpu. The psu could help with cooling the cpu.

    In modern pc cases the power supply is often moved to the bottom rear of the case and mutiple case fans are installed near the cpu. The multiple case fans do a better job of exhausting hot air..
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