How's my O.C.?

Hello I have recently overclocked my phenom x2 560 from 3.3 to 3.8Ghz, I was wondering on your guys opinion. Thanks :D

O.C. info:

- 3.8 ghz
- core voltage=1.313
- idle= 23-25 atm
- load= never goes beyond 35c

I also used BurnIntest and SisandraSoft for benchmarking.
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  1. Anyone? If you need more information I'll gladly list it XD
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    As long as the temps are fine and you achieved stability, I'd say you got a good OC there...

    Use Prime95 to do the stability test, it's the 'norm' for OC tests. Let it run 10-12 hours, not just 1-2 and think it's good...
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