DDR2 or DDR3?

I am upgrading my dads PC for photo editing with a PII x4 955 and I was trying to decide if I should get DDR2 800 or DDR3 1600. I hear DDR3 inst any faster than DDR2 until 1600 but I'm wondering how much? Also he does photo editing in PS CS5, would he benefit alot for having DDR3, and would he get much gain from 8GB vs 4GB. I heard CPU does most the work, but not sure how much RAM does. Thanks guys look forward to comments.
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    DDR3 vs DDR2 doesn't make a noticeable difference in apps/games,its mostly important for OC'ng
    About 4GB vs 8GB,well 4GB is enough,unless there are lots of layers/psd files on the page(even with them,4GB is fine,but 8GB would be better)
  2. SO basicly 4GB of DDR2 800 would be good with a PII x4 955 or 945 for running CS5 fine? He doesnt do too heavy of pics, just tweaks and stuff. Its his rendering stuff that he says takes forever.
  3. Yes it would be fine,but is the price difference between DDR3 and DDR2 high in where you want to buy ?
  4. Not really, maybe 10-20 difference. But If I get the AM2+/AM3 socket board with DDR2 800 5 CAS Latency 4GB, and the PII x4 940 BE then I save $70 and speed doesn't seem too different. I am looking for money saver too, and also looking to do the same for me maybe for gaming. I also see this as a way down the road to upgrade to say a PII x4 AM3 for more speed but not spend too much more.
  5. OK then go for it
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