Very slow SATA.

Hey guys I've got a SATA drive, likely SATA 3 or 2 I'm not entirely sure but it's a Western Digital Caviar Black. Properties comes up with 'WDC WD6402AAEX-00Z3AO'

The problem with it is that it takes so long to do anything. I'm not fond of this so I'm not really sure which write/read speeds are good or anything just that my C drive which is an IDE Seagate Barracuda 37.1 GB with my OS on it is working fine while my SATA is taking forever judging by the fact that it takes somewhere from 15-35 minutes for my desktop icons to load.

I'm playing Crysis 2 right now just for to see what it's even doing and it's been loading my game for about the past 5 minutes now with well go figure, Zero percent loaded.

I don't know how to fix it :(

Also I just closed Crysis 2. I was thinking of playing a game even if it were so damned slow but it's just frustrating so Nope :3

Also I should probably put my system specs.

Abit KN9 nForce4 Ultra motherboard non SLi single PCIe 2 slot
RAM; 2 GB Kingston PC2-6400 400MHz
-- 1 GB Micron Technology PC2-5300 333MHz
-- 1 GB AENEON PC2-5300 333MHz
(I know it's mixed brands/speeds but I can't afford new stuff right but it at least works just fine for me to be honest)
AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+ non overclocked 2.4GHz
ATi Radeon HD 5770 1 GB GDDR5 Diamond Multimedia

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a 'capable' motherboard. Not fully supported but there are very few problems. Just the standby mode is problematic but I doubt that can be anything. I've got no OS discs.

OS Drive is a Seagate Barracuda on IDE, 37.1 GB. Works fine.
Data is the Western Digital Caviar Black with all my games, music, videos, drawing programs (God they take so long to load <..<) and other such things.

Edit 3;

Did some benchmarking with a program called DiskBench some of you might use it, some might not but ehh it works for me. Gonna post some reports.
Every file location under S is the SATA drive, Western Digital Caviar Black.
Every file location under C is the IDE drive, Seagate Barracuda.

Testing was done with create file bench with deletion of test file upon completion.
2 MB, 500 blocks = 1000 MB.
3 tests per hard drive.

Created file: S:\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 219470 ms
Transfer Rate: 4.556 MB/s

Created file: S:\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 255871 ms
Transfer Rate: 3.908 MB/s

Created file: S:\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 366022 ms
Transfer Rate: 2.732 MB/s

Created file: C:\temp\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 17519 ms
Transfer Rate: 57.081 MB/s

Created file: C:\temp\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 21056 ms
Transfer Rate: 47.492 MB/s

Created file: C:\temp\DiskBench1.bin
Size: 1048576000 bytes
Time: 17716 ms
Transfer Rate: 56.446 MB/s
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  1. Well, a major thing is to figure out if the problem is raw drive speed or something in the OS. Raw drive speed tests are best done from a boot CD.

    You state that your OS on on the Barracuda. Did you install another OS on the Caviar Black, and boot from that? If you are just using it for data, it should be irrelevant to how fast icons come up.

    There are a lot of possible factors at play here. A little more information on how you use both drives, and test-environment benchmarks, would be useful if you have the time.

    No, I can't point to a bootable distro with drive tests right now, or I would have. I'll look.
  2. I didn't install my OS on to the WD Caviar Black. Before it slowed down I was kicking myself in the teeth because it would have been so easy but now I got loads of stuff on it. I could use a bigger C drive though.

    I've checked for a couple hours on diskbench copying files, creating files on both harddrives, the Barracuda IDE is coming out fine while it seems to take longer for the WD Caviar Black for some reason.

    and thanks for taking a look into helping :)

    the operating system drive just has the operating system and small programs that install to it by default (which is annoying to say the least,) like chrome, Skype etc.

    Data drive which is the Caviar Black has all of my other stuff of course so it's basically my everything drive. I've scanned multiple times for viruses with no hits and defragged twice. defragger took over a night.
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