ASUS P5n MX not posting nor bios

Hello, my mobo is doing nthing after i inserted a memory stick. The stick did cause a problem before and the pc would not start up with the stick in a usb slot. the led indicator on my mobo stays on (i read in the manual this means it is on standby) stays on when i switch my pc on. so the mobo does not do anything i guess.

I disconnected the following: ram, hd, the usb slots that caused the freeze. I dont know how i can disconnect the video card tho, its build in and i have no idea where to look.

Anybody know what i can do?
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  1. What does the computer do when you power it up?
  2. Follow the steps listed here:

    You can not disconnect onboard video as it is a chip on the motherboard.
  3. the fans start blowing and and led on the mobo light up aswell as the led power indicator on the power button. the hd still makes some idle noise. the screen stays black, no signal. no beeps, nos posting, no bios.
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