Is there much difference between

Is there much difference between XMS2 and Dominator?

Corsair 4GB Dual Channel Kit 2*2GB 800MHz XMS2-6400 5-5-5-18, Heat Spreader -127$

Corsair DDRII 4096Mb (2X2048Mb) dual channel kit TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX G DOMINATOR™ DHX (Extreme performance), CL4, PC800 (PC6400), Dual-Path Heat Xchange - (DHX) technology, Corsair, retail -150$

Will i get more performance with Dominator??? (and should i pay 23$ more?)
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  1. Well the dominator has quicker timings which will give you better performance...
    and the dominators are designed to be overclocked...
    But what is your motherboard?
  2. ASRock P5B Pro
  3. (thanks for the reply!)
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