Refurbished HDD... too risky?

Looking at getting a refurbished WD10EALX for the new system I am building. I know that refurbs aren't necessarily always repaired pieces of junk, but would I just be better off dropping the $30-40 extra for a new drive? Anyone have any experience with refurb WD HDDs?

Thanks in advance for any input! :D

Guess I should add that the other option would be a WD1002FAEX. Anyone know of any real differences between Caviar Blue and Caviar Black?
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  1. blue have 32mb cache while black have a larger 64mb. Black have a higher performance and longer warranty so how important is your data?

    Personally I wouldn't go with a refurbished one since HDD are so cheap and I don't like dealing with a failed harddrive with all my data on it.
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