Dual boot dual drives

Figure i'd post this here as well for help.

Ok i read most of the SSD posts and learned quite a bit, but i'm still having an issue...

I want to have my SSD as a W7 boot drive and my HDD as a Vista 32 drive.

problem is for some reason even thought the bios sees both drives it immediately boots to the SSD not even giving me a choice to select between the 2 drives.
I don't get the bios screen with the
windows 7
Windows Vista
select option.

I can't seem to figure out what i need to set in the bios to enable this option again.

any help appreciated.
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  1. Start, run, write msconfig, boot tab and and look for the option "Timeoute" , and increase the time to 15 or more. That's the waiting time to select the OS that u want to boot.

    See here the image says Windows Vista but is the same for Windows 7, Vista or XP.
  2. Did you install each OS while the other drive was disconnected? If you did it that way and you wish to select the boot disk at POST, what motherboard do you have?
  3. @saint19: I'll try that, but it seems it's not even going to that option screen in the bios. Just booting to the SSD automatically.

    @GhislainG: No i installed each OS while both drives were connected.
    I made sure each OS installed to the correct drive thought.
    when i disconnect the SSD the HDD boots to vista fine.
    but when both are connected the MOBO automatically boots to the SSD.

    MOBO is a MSI NF980-G65 supposedly the nF boards with onboard GPU support AHCI but it defaults to IDE, (supposedly again) it's fine using the standard IDE ata drivers with SSD's and still support TRIM.
    thought these nF chipsets kinda blow for SSD

    thanks for taking the time guys, i'm really at wits end with this Mobo & SSD combo, tons of issues.

    I wonder if the fact that it's in IDE instead of AHCI mode that it's not allowing the HDD from being seen as a bootable drive by the Bios.
  4. Are you saying that you set the hard disk as the boot device and it still boots from the SSD? Does that motherboard's BIOS have a boot device menu available when you press a function key at POST (F8, F12 or whatever key they prefer)?
  5. Actually it gets weirder, I remember now i had the SSD disconnected when i installed vista on the HDD then connected the SSD and installed 7 on to it.

    both drives have different fully installed OS's yet in the boot menu (F8) only windows 7 appears. The HDD is detected in the bios as well as in the screen were all the hardware gets the "OK" but it does not appear in the boot menu which is why i don't get the option to boot from it...?

    I'm going to try disconnecting the SSD and see whats up with my vista install...
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