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Does anyone know of a waterblock compatible with MSI Radeon HD 6970 Lightning 2 GB?
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  1. That Grahics card is "reference design" so it can be mated with either the EK or HeatKiller GPU blocks listed here
    except the 1st one (non-reference design) - out of stock anyway right now
  2. I wouldn't touch EK's Nickel blocks for free right now, there are a lot of 6970 Fullcover blocks out, or you can use a universal block and ramsinks,
    cheaper, just as good and you can tranfer them to your next card upgrade, you won't be able to do that with a fullcover block
  3. well I like full cover, but I also like as much copper as possible, never had a nickel block before. so I don't know how bad they are, but I have heard a lot of bad things about them.
    i like swiftech but that is just me, so choose what you like
  4. Its EK's Nickelplating process, not nickel itself, I have a fair few Nickel compression fittings,
    Realred has a few more links on this,
    I know at least one of our lot has had issues with an EK Vga Fullcover block, might have been Boiler,
    but its best to avoid EK's nickel at least for now,
    I have just bought two of their EK Vga HF Supremes in copper though,
    so don't think I'm slating the company, I'm not :)
    just their nickelplated blocks
  5. Quote:
    That Grahics card is "reference design" so it can be mated with either the EK or HeatKiller GPU blocks listed here
    http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g3 [...] Page1.html
    except the 1st one (non-reference design) - out of stock anyway right now

    According to EK's CoolingConfigurator.com, the Lightning is NOT a reference design; the VRM layout is different, and the PCB mounting holes are in completely different places from a reference 6970. This means that unless there is one specifically for the Lightning 2, you cannot use a full cover 6970 block with this GPU.

    As for the nickel blocks:
    I never had any corrosion problems with the newer EK EN-plated blocks (though the older block I had did corrode according to the guy I sold it to). What I have issues with are EK's policies on the new blocks.

    They attempted to find the problem (which was a lackluster attempt, at best) and basically made some small changes and blamed every future incident on the end user. EK says that using plain distilled water will cause corrosion on the blocks (which shouldn't happen without another galvanic reactant), and conveys the sense that unless you're using an anti-corrosion additive the corrosion is your fault, end of story.
  6. Apologies then mate, I thought it was you that had had the Gpu block issue recently, anyhows, its still the same caveat, no EK Nickel Gpu blocks :P
    the supreme hf's in copper/plex are nice though, do the job and no extra risk
  7. Thanks for the help.
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