New sata hardrive hitachi. 1 TB.

I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my dell desktop (745 series optiplex) I bought a 1 TB Hitachi drive. I know that I have to format it. My dell desktop didn't recognized the new drive. Can I format the SATA drive thru BIOS. If so, how can I do that. If not then how can I format the SATA drive? I have a laptop OS windows 7.
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  1. no you cant format it in the bios

    if you plugged it in as a second hard drive and it didnt show up then right click my computer then select manage then pick storage in the right hand window then disk managament--if the 1tb drive shows there you may have to initialise it before you can format it

    or you can use your windows installation disc to format it during install
  2. when you plug in a fresh harddrive into windows you have to activate it.
    In win7 open computer management in an admin account and go to disk management. Then you should see two disk, one is your current one and one is the new disk, just right click it and select online.

    otherwise you could use the formatting tool that part of the windows 7 installation process and use it to format.
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