Best Card for 19" Monitor.

Yeh, There's probably a few threads about this but I couldn't find many by searching, and the ones I did find were fairly outdated.

as the title suggests, I am looking for the best card for a 19" monitor.

My specs at the moment:

AMD Phenom II x4 940 Stock Clocks
9600GT 512mb
4GB Kingston DDR2 800Mhz
Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 Motherboard
Corsair HX Series 650w Psu
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  1. what resolution is your 19" monitor? A 4870 would be a significant improvement over the 9600GT and would be able to play everything on high even if yours is 1680x1050.
  2. Mine's a fairly low resolution, 1440x900.

    so the 4870 would be a good choice for me then?

    If so, the 512MB or 1GB Model?
  3. The 512MB model will be plenty, you dont need 1GB until resolution hits atleast 1920x1080
  4. Alright, thanks for the help :)

    If anyone else has an input Im still gonna be looking at this thread, so go ahead and post!
  5. yep, hunter is correct.

    Also take into consideration a 5770 - performs the same as the 4870 and costs slightly more, but supports dx11 and runs a bit cooler/uses less energy.
  6. I might actually go down the 5770 route, seeing as I'm running Windows 7.
  7. +1 for 5770 since it comsumes half the power in idle and about 2/3 power in load of a 4870 while giving 80-90% performance of 4870
  8. Thanks for all the input guys, I think Im gonna go with the HD 5770.
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