WD 740GD Raptor vs WD 1TB cavier black for new system

I have a wd 740GD 74GB raptor from my last system about 4years ago. I am currently pricing hardware for a i7 860 or 920 build and was going to get a wd 1tb cavier black. Im not interested in SSD right now. Should I use the raptor for an os/system drive and the cavier for storage?
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  1. You shouldn't get the Caviar period. Here's a Samsung Spinpoint F3 that will be faster for $25 less.

    I'm also not sure on using the Raptor. I've heard that the performance gains aren't that significant anymore, but if you already have it, you might as well use it...
  2. Great! Thanks for the info on the samsung. Id appreciate anyone else's feedback on using the raptor.
  3. Check the storage section for articles. I think the F3 ties or beats velociraptors.
  4. Could be, but he already has the raptor. It's not like he's planning on buying one or the other. Guess it just matters which will be the C drive...
  5. FYI this is was the successor to the original 36G Raptor. This WD740GD Raptor is the 74G version and was purchased about 4 years ago, but its a 10k drive with TCQ. It is not a velociraptor, which I think is new. I tried to compare the specs between the two, but I am not technical enough to determine if one is faster. I was just going to use it as a OS/app drive for speed, but if the Samsung F3 is equal to it I wont bother. Thanks for any replies.
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    Velociraptors are not new anymore, the 7200RPM 500GB platter drives like the F3 are. An F3 is likely superior to that old raptor in every way. May not even be worth keeping it.
  7. Thanks hatcher. I'll leave it with the old system :)
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