How can I find a compatible graphics card for my motherboard?


I am having an issue trying to find a compatible graphics card for my PC. My specs are an Intel Core 2, A Gigabyte S-Series G41M-ES2H. If someone could help point me in a direction to check compatibility that would be great. Even a suggestion on a card would be nifty. Thank you.
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  1. That motherboard has a single PCIex16 slot running at x4. How much do you want to spend and what do you want to do with it? There are a number of cards under $100 and even closer to $50 - depending what you want to do...

    Basically any current video card will plug in. You want a PCIe card. Also you do not want a high end card because Im guessing you do not have power cables to run the newest and highest performing cards.

    Go to and work through PC hardware, video cards, and select PCIe - then look at what you want to spend.
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