HDD's Wont show up

Ok in my new build (built it today)

Parts is as following:

990FXA-GD80 (mobo)
3X Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB (HDD)
2X AMD Radeon HD 6950 XFX 2 GB (crossfire mode)
AMD FX x8 3.3 Ghz

My problem is that 2 of my HDD's wont show up in compter

they do show up in bios and device management but not in my computer witch is extremely Annoying beacuse i cant accesses them and its 2 tbs of hard-drive to waste

Can anyone help me? :p

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  1. If you go into Disk Management and you see them there then it means you may have to initialize them. Go start , run , type in Disk Management.
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