Fastest Raid 0 for gaming 2 SSD's?

So all I'm really looking for here is speed(read times) and of course reliable.

1. Is a software raid gonna do me? or should I go hardware?--I don't want to spend $500 on a controller. If hardware got me significantly better performance I would be willing to spend about $ 200... otherwise I'd just go with on board.

2.I'm not on too tight of a budget, I am just trying to make the best use of two SSD III's.

3. I'm trying to go 1155 with 2600k... so are there any compatible mobos that could support CF set up and PCI-e controller?

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  1. If you want reliable you shouldn't use RAID 0. RAID 0 is for when you need speed and restoring lost data is easy.

    At the $200 price point pretty much any controllers you find that support hardware raid will be fake raid, which is no better than software raid.

    I'm skeptical about the value of multiple SSDs in RAID for gaming. The SSD to HDD switch improves performance in some areas but the 1x SSD to 2x SSD RAID 0 switch won't have as much of an impact. Most gaming is not significantly IO bound. If you're running a database I could see it mattering, but that's an entirely different workload.
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