260gtx BE not showing any display ?

my card(260gtxbe) not giving any display on COOLERMASTER EXTREME POWER 600W (NOT XTREME POWER PLUS ) OLDER ONE so what cud b the reason i got that psu in used but it work perfectly with 8800gt .. while not with this card and check my card on my frind computer it was working there ...
is it a low power problem or anything else ??
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  1. try reseating the card and check all the power connections
  2. i did all the things reinstalling connectors, even take out my mobo for it from casing nothing happening .. some one told me that coolermaster xtreme power 600 isnt that good. any one running with it ??
  3. We could use a little more info; could you post the rest of your system specs (cpu, mobo, ram, HDD, etc.)?
  4. e5300 stock . asus p5ql pro . 1gb ram , 1hdd , 1dvd , no add fanz , just a simple cpu ..
  5. Assuming you didn't change anything else, its either a bad card, or your psu doesn't have enough rails and/or the rails aren't balanced. Is the card connected to the psu via pci-e from the psu, or from molex adapters?
  6. Scratch the bad card theory; I didn't see that you said it worked on your friends comp.
    Do you happen to know his comp's specs?
  7. checked my card on frind psu cm600w a newer version of cm xtreme power and it worked perfectly .. and checked my card on molex adapter as well as on 2 6pin from psu in no way its working ..
  8. he was using 2hdds 3.4 pentiumD asus p5kl cm. 2gb ram
  9. and it worked perfectly we played resident evil 5 on it on his computer
  10. When in you start your comp with the card in, does it beep? show POST?
  11. just black screen .. nothing happen to the screen .. while card processor fan ON .. keyboard also on
  12. Try turning the num lock on and off.
  13. did tht windows starts like there is no card
  14. So when you boot, you see the POST screen flash?
    Hit F8 until you see the options for safe mode and such; go down to vga mode and boot that. Your resolution will be really low, but you should be able to see stuff.
    From there, install the drivers, restart, and you should be good to go.
  15. no dude monitor stay off no signal to monitor i am using CRT 21" HP MONITOR .. its like card dont have enough power to give signal to my monitor ..
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