ASUS 7850 @ 1300 w/ memory heatsink mod and CATA 12.4

My heatsink thread can be seen here:

Before when i was using 12.3 CATALYST... past 1200, i would lose performance by a lot. Then when I installed 12.4 and the memory heatsink earlier today, the card past 1200 started to gain more score... check the my log below...

My system is so waiting for a CPU replacement... i wonder what i would get with a better CPU... 2nd gen FX chips is still month's away :na:

CPU: AMD 720BE @ 3200 : H60 push/pull
MOBO: Asrock 970 EX3
MEM: Mushkin radioactive 8gb 1600 : Arctic Cooling Memory Fans
BOOT: Mushkin Chronos SSD 120GB
GPU: Asus 7850
CASE: Corsair White 500R

Finally broke the 7K barrier... 7200 graphics score @ 1300 with max peak temp of 69C... Better than my old HD 4870 (60C idle and 90C Load)

LOL @ Physics score
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