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I am in the middle of a build. I need a workstation for school but also to work on when am done with school. I use Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Zbrush and others will also like to get in to Houdini, 3ds max and more, I have budget of $ 4000 butt could spend up to $5000 if my fiance doesn't find out.
All I have in mind is Dual Xeon butt having a lot of trouble finding the right mother board. I all ready
got the case it is an Cooler Master HAF 932 if some can help me pleace I will take your advice and use it to my best. Also don't know if I shut use Nvidia workstation video cards or ATI that support DirectX 11 very confuse every one says something different. Thank you very much for your time.
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  1. Here you go:

    This board:

    This 2xCPU:
    with CPU HSF (not included)

    This 2xRAM:

    As for GPU:

    1x Intel X25-M G2 or better for OS + programs and 4xSamsung 500GB F3s in RAID01 for data.
    I'm was assuming this is for pro level work btw. If your a student your better off getting a i7 920 OC that to ~3.8-4Ghz and then get a new 2P PC when you get out of school.
  2. Thank you this is my only shot at so much money I have to make it count next income tax + saving are for the wedind
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