Radeon HD 7970 Coil/Cap Buzzing

I'm building a new PC soon, and still in the process of selecting a GPU. I'm heavily leaning towards a top end card, but that hasn't been 100% decided yet. The prices of the 7970s are finally coming down a bit. Newegg has the Sapphire OC version at $450 after instant and rebate now. It's pretty tempting to hit the purchase button at that price, BUT ...

I keep reading about this coil/cap whine on the 7970s, and it has me spooked. My ears are pretty sensitive to that kind of electronic vibration, and I'm worried that it would be like nails on a chalk board to me. Here are a couple of video examples ...



My question is, are any of you 7970 owners experiencing the same thing? If so, is it tolerable?
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  1. Ive had 6 different 7970s thru my hands since they came out, not a single one had coil whine. 4 different manufacturers as well.
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