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hi there i have problem regarding with my audio system, may back panel ang front panel is not working at all . i just this pc about 2 weeks ago. im playing a song but for some reasons may audio system is not working. when i unplug my speaker a pop up in realtek says that the speaker is plugged but when i play a song it doesnt produce any sound at all. what seems to be the problem. fornt and back panel is not working... can someone help me.. my motherboard is gigabyt g41
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  1. maybe someone has plugged in the front panel audio connector wrong - it should be connected to hd audio not ac97...
  2. where can i find this options is it on the board..?
  3. Have you checked the pop up volume control in system tray and made sure that sound is not muted and that sliders aren't at bottom ?
  4. i just un install the realtek audio driver and it works again thanks for the answers
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