LG BD Rom won't play certain discs

I have an LG BD ROM WH08LS20 that will not play the sopranos blu ray disc. I have been able to play other blurays from netflix, but not this one. I have searched and found that others have had this problem, but the only solution I found was to update the firmware, which I have. I have version 2.00. It still does not play. In My computer, it does not even recognize the disc type. Anyone know of any other solutions to this problem, or am I just screwed?
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  1. yeah, you need to update the software which plays blueray.. I think it comes with power dvd so you need to update the software to make it play..

    Thats what i had to do.. Personally i got Win DVD.. I think its better but some might differ
  2. It isn't even recognized as a BD disc in my computer though, or even a disc at all.
  3. ah... if seems there might be some sort of pressing problem with the disks used, or even some sort of copy protection..

    ill search the net and come back to you...
  4. Try installing ANY DVD HD trial version, see if it will play then.
  5. i've already sent the disc back. i will try that if i run into this problem again though. i read that tyson doesn't play either.
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