My New PC Won't Beep, can't startup

Hi, I just build up my new computer. i7 processor, etreme motherboard, cosair 750wat power supply, cooler master computer case, 1GB Nividia video card, But when everything was put up together, I mean assembled to the motherboard, processor, powersupply together, the computer did not respond, it's starting on like you'll see everything turning, fans, processor fan, lights on the motherboard, but no beep when pressed power button, not showing on the monitor and I was wondering if i7 extreme pcs don't have a beep when starting up. If you confirm it does not have a beep, then I will think it's my monitor that does not work, and if it beeps when powered on, then I will think it's my motherboard that's not working properly. And what do you suggest I do please? Let me know if it must beep. Thank you very much in advance Sir...

Peter Njodzeka
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  1. I suggest you remove your email, others may abuse it, e.g., sell it.

    Otherwise, are you sure you put it correctly? My i7 PC does make a beep sound or two when it starts up. For example, did you connect the eight-pin CPU power connector?
  2. Hi Lmeow, really I don't know what's wrong. Every fan is turning, the processor fan is turning and it shows that it's working, but there's no beep at all and nothing shows on the monitor. I'm using Nvidia 1gb graphic card, although like I said, nothing is working. Everything is connected as indicated, but nothing still works. Any help?
  3. I'm not really sure to be honest, try this guide to no POST problems:
  4. Along with removing your email, please don't double post.
  5. Can you be more specific as to what model each of your parts are. Also, as asked in your other thread, does the motherboard have an onboard speaker or a case speaker attached to it?
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