How to get pc to reconise usb harddrive

my exernal 300g usb2 hd drive is not being recognised by my vista laptop.

I keep getting the messgae usb not recognised message and it shows up in device manager and an unknow drive.


I had problems with it a few months ago after my pc froze while it was plugged in but I manged to reformat and recover all my software but I can't even reformat it without the drive being recognised.

I have lights and the unit is whirring ...has anyone got any ideas please
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  1. What happened when u plug the drive in few min. after start up?

    Any action in the notification area or CPU activity?

    And than the device manager?

    Any exclamation marks in the dev. manager?

    Rescan in the dev. manager for any hardware changes.
  2. nothing much happens.... it showns up as an unknown device in dev man and if i uninstall and then rescan it installs drivers for it and then shows it as an unknown deice again !! left the disc manage window open for at least 30 mins with no change there ... have also tried on a different pc so i know it is definately harddrive related ...
  3. What is the model name?
  4. iomega ldhd 300-u .. its an old one but always been reliable lol
  5. I would try to plug it in without enclosure.
  6. Assuming it runs under Vista, how does Microsoft's UVCView utility see the external drive?

    Can you see the USB Vendor ID and Product ID in Device Manager? What is displayed in the Properties for the device?
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