XMS2 or Dominator?

Is there much difference between XMS2 and Dominator?

Corsair 4GB Dual Channel Kit 2*2GB 800MHz XMS2-6400 5-5-5-18, Heat Spreader -127$

Corsair DDRII 4096Mb (2X2048Mb) dual channel kit TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX G DOMINATOR™ DHX (Extreme performance), CL4, PC800 (PC6400), Dual-Path Heat Xchange - (DHX) technology, Corsair, retail -150$

Will i get more performance with Dominator??? (and should i pay 23$ more?)
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  1. The Corsair Dominator kit has lower latencies, performing faster and has a 'better' heatsink I suppose. I personally wouldn't pay $23 for slightly lower latencies, and I doubt the performance will be noticeable, unless you're benchmarking.
  2. I would say depending on your case and its cooling, if you have small case or bad airflow dominators will be better as they can bring temperature on memory down even 10+ degrees because dominators have twin cooling fins on each side of memory module, one for cooling memory chip itself and other one for cooling board.
    And as Lmwow also mentioned dominators have lower latencies.

    So if you want memory to be cooler, have slightly faster memory and dont mind spending few more bucks, go for dominators. (mine came also with separate memory cooling module which brings my temperature on memory down about 14-17 degrees in total compared to normal heat spreader)
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