Formatting a Hard Disk Drive

Hello, how can i succeed to format a hard disk drive when it keeps giving me blue screen or it keeps giving me A disk read error has occurred please press crtl alt & Del to Restart?
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  1. back up your data first.

    try this in windows 7: click start button > type disk management > click create and format harddisk partitions > disk management window will open, select your drive or right click on it, click format. hopefully that'll format the drive.
    disk read error might be a connection or hardware issue. in that case try reconnect the hdd and try to format again or scan it with a s.m.a.r.t. utility or chkdsk or scandisk.
  2. that format won't be of any good. Your experiencing drive failures. |Better get a new HDD and start a fresh install.

    * welcome to the forums newcomer!
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